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Candidates should give specifics on federal cuts

Now that the confetti has been cleaned up, it’s time to hear from both presidential campaigns what exactly they propose to reduce the nation’s now $16 trillion federal debt.Both sides claim to have...

DATE: Sept. 15, 2012 | COLUMN: Others Say

Climate change must be a higher priority

Recent news about climate change has been all bad and devastatingly so.The Arctic ice cap is retreating at record rates. We had the hottest July on record. And one expert after another is blaming...

DATE: Sept. 11, 2012 | COLUMN: Others Say

A democracy free of facts

In the heat of battle this presidential election year, accusations are flying from both campaigns of lies, half-truths and contradictions. Yet, the candidates no longer show contrition when a...

DATE: Sept. 6, 2012 | COLUMN: Others Say

Scare tactics won’t resolve big issues

As a nation we need to have a sober discussion — Gov. Mitch Daniels calls it an “adult conversation” — about the future of Medicare and Social Security.In theory, this would be the perfect time for...

DATE: Aug. 30, 2012 | COLUMN: Others Say

Economics 101

There has been a lot of talk about how this summer’s drought might affect food prices. Much of the talk centers on corn, which is far more ubiquitous than many people realize, a component of many...

DATE: Aug. 21, 2012 | COLUMN: Others Say

‘Ulcer Gulch’

Just when you think you’ve seen it all from our lawmakers in Washington, something like this comes along and you realize the situation is even worse than you thought.On Aug. 2, 2011, our federal...

DATE: Aug. 13, 2012 | COLUMN: Others Say

Solve jobs problem before arguing over the credit

If you were to chart jobless numbers over the past three years, it would be flat-lining right now at a low point. Some 12.7 million Americans are looking for work, and in June only 80,000 landed...

DATE: July 14, 2012 | COLUMN: Others Say

Climate change should not be a political issue

While Americans are attempting to fully comprehend the U.S. Supreme Court’s hugely controversial ruling on President Obama’s health care program, another issue is begging for attention. Famed...

DATE: July 10, 2012 | COLUMN: Others Say

Job well done!

Editor:Pouty little whisps of smoke rise from the dying fires ... they could not consume all they wanted and have laid down in submission to the skills and determination of courageous men and...

DATE: July 7, 2012 | COLUMN: Others Say

For a day, Congress gets its act together

So they can get something done, after all.In the wake of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision on the constitutionality of the hotly contested health care bill, Congress put aside its differences...

DATE: July 7, 2012 | COLUMN: Others Say

The writing on the wall about health care reform

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to release its decision sometime this month on the constitutionality of some or all of the Obama administration’s health care reform plan that was rushed through...

DATE: June 15, 2012 | COLUMN: Others Say

The high cost of partisan destruction

Before the two major parties undertake another campaign in which the emphasis will be on winning by destroying the credibility of the opponent, they should take a close look at the collateral...

DATE: May 23, 2012 | COLUMN: Others Say

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