Going on Vacation?

We recieve a high volume of vacation delivery holds on a weekly basis. To ensure the best service possible, please reference the table below when requesting a delivery hold.

If your stop date is: Please let us know by:
A weekday 2 PM the day before
Less than a week from a holiday 3-5 days in advance

Same-day redelivery is available inside city limits, excluding the Three Springs; next-day redelivery is available everywhere else.

For newspaper stops:

Do some good while you're gone: Donate your newspaper credits to our Newspapers in Education Program and feel good about helping us provide local classrooms with free copies of the daily newspaper.

Miss your newspaper while you're out of town? We'll happily hold the copies your missing and deliver them to your home upon your return--plus, you'll be able to access our digital content while you're away.

If you choose to receive credit on your account, you will not have access to the digital edition while you're out of town.